Ireland and Malta – The Disconnect between LGBT & Women’s Rights

It is very troubling that countries such as Ireland are being applauded as progressive and liberal for the changes they’ve made regarding LGBT rights – whilst at the same time they neglect to address the really harmful and archaic legislation that impacts (near) exclusively upon (cis) women. Something similar happened when Malta passed ground breaking legislation around trans and intersex people’s right to self define – people broke out the champagne and acted as though Malta could henceforth do no wrong – when it is in fact one of only 6 countries in the world where abortion cannot be performed under ANY circumstances. How a nation be labelled as progressive when this is the case? This lack of intersectionality in legislative reform and popular movements really needs to be addressed. As a queer woman I find it heartening to see progress being made around issues pertaining to the LGBT community (in Ireland and Malta and elsewhere) – and long may this continue. But what about the issue of reproductive rights, something that impacts upon half of the world’s population – particularly those who are poor. Patriarchy and its concomitant misogyny really are the final frontiers (and bottom in the pile of priorities) when it comes to meaningful change it seems. Sigh.

This article talks about this in relation to Ireland in greater depth: